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Mobile Projects

The projects listed below, may or may not be applicable to your industry, however, they are examples of ways other businesses have mobilized their business process to have access to critical information any place, anytime. Peruse these applications to get ideas on how you might revolutionize your business.

Ready Alert

Ready Alert

Industries: Emergency Management, Education, Police & Fire Departments, Mobile Marketing

Description: Ready Alert is a sophisticated, web-based emergency alert notification system, which allows an organization to send out email and text message alerts with real time confirmations to a group of individuals such as a local fire station roster or a large group of students enrolled in a university. The sender of the alert can see, in real-time, those who have responded to the alert and who has not yet been able to respond. Using a proprietary, spam-proof, closed network, Ready Alert allows users to send up to hundreds of thousands of messages at once with the click of the button with complete control over the message delivered. Responses are time and date stamped for audit purposes. When an emergency hits, time is key to saving lives.


  • Fastest and most reliable way to reach people in an emergency.
  • Ideal for leaving an auditable communication trail.
  • Easy to send and receive, no matter where you are located.
  • Considerably less expensive than traditional alternatives.
  • Great way to mobilize emergency help units.